RALEIGH – National Weather Service Meteorologist-in-Charge, Darin Figurskey says morning commuters from Northern Orange County are the most likely to be affected by Monday night’s potential frozen precipitation.

“It should be mostly light,” Figurskey says. “The impact should be relatively minimal. But, people getting ready to plan the early morning commute Tuesday—especially going north and west—should, kind of, keep stock of the weather.”

He says the southern parts of Orange and Durham counties should be warm enough to not be affected, but bridges and overpasses are—as always—the areas to watch out for first.

“Look for maybe some very light icing—especially on those elevated surfaces, those typical cool spots: bridges, overpasses,” Figurskey says.

Just before sunrise, Figurskey says the temperatures will rise, and the threat of frozen precipitation won’t be around the remainder of the week.

“Morning time temperatures could be a degree or two above freezing depending on when the precipitation moves in, and then during the day Tuesday, temperatures will just continue to rise slowly,” Figurskey says.

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