Photo by Erik Andersen

CHAPEL HILL – The busiest time of move-in weekend wraps up Sunday and students have been keeping Associate Director Rick Bradley and many others from the Center for Housing and Residential Education busy.

Bradley says a lot of the works done over the summer were improvements in some dorm buildings and preparing for students to arrive.

“We have done some building renovations this summer in a very short turn around time doing some interior room work and bathroom renovations,” Bradley says.

Many students have already moved into their on-campus dorms to prepare for classes starting Tuesday.  Bradley says that the students moving in makes it a little chaotic, but somehow an organized process.

“Oh certainly busy, over half of our students are already back, Wednesday really starts kinda the big move-in day,” Bradley says. “But today and tomorrow are big days for our 3200 first year students that are living with us on campus this year.”

Bradley says work for UNC staff in the Center for Housing and Residential Education is just beginning with students moving in.  Currently a lot of the work has been done by maintenance, facilities, and house-keeping.  But, Bradley says that once the semester begins, other aspects of the job begin too.

“And as we open, a lot of the work just really begins for most our residential education team that does a lot of program activities and activity planning, but in cooperation with some of our academic partners and others, so the work is never ending” said Bradley.

The Center for Housing and Residential Education provides support for new students and helps many students become accustomed to college. For more information, click here.