For the first time in its history, UNC has surpassed $1 Billion in annual research expenditures, according to the annual Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey.

UNC is ranked 11th nationally among all research institutions in research and development expenditures.

Vice Chancellor of Research at UNC Terry Magnuson says this spending only serves to benefit the community at large.

“I think the story really is the growth of research here at UNC and how it benefits the people of North Carolina,” said Magnuson. “Our research enterprise really has been growing dramatically.”

Magnuson says that the research being done at UNC focuses on direct application in areas such as the environment, social structures, the opioid crisis and precision methods of medicine.

“What really is important to us is the impact our work is having on the people in the state and globally,” said Magnuson.

Magnuson credits the support of the State Legislature as a factor in reaching this massive number.

“UNC-Chapel Hill is well supported by the state and the legislature…which has allowed us to grow our research infrastructure and to hire very talented faculty to work on the world’s biggest and hardest problems,” said Magnuson.

More than 60 percent of UNC’s graduating seniors conduct independent research and contribute to discoveries made by research scientists.