When classes begin at UNC on August 20, a full year will have passed since protestors pulled down the Confederate statue on the campus known as Silent Sam. That event ultimately led to former chancellor Carol Folt’s resignation after she decided to remove the statue’s remaining base from campus after the UNC System Board of Governors rejected the administration’s plan to house the monument in a newly constructed facility on campus with teaching and exhibit space.

Shortly after classes start this month, the university will look for Folt’s permanent replacement.

At its meeting Thursday, UNC’s Board of Trustees revealed the search committee created to find the school’s next permanent chancellor. Chair of the campus Board of Trustees Richard Stevens, who will chair the 20-member search committee, said it will be a diverse mix.

“A group of trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni will begin the process of finding and recommending finalists for consideration,” he said.

Stevens, who was appointed the board’s chair in July after serving as chair in a pervious stint as a trustee, explained the process of how the new chancellor will be chosen. The committee will research and select three potential candidates to eventually present to the Board of Trustees for approval. The board will then send those names to interim system president Bill Roper, who will then make a single recommendation to the UNC Board of Governors.

Since Folt’s departure, interim chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz has been in charge. During Thursday’s meeting, Stevens took a moment to thank Guskiewicz for what he’s done so far on the job, describing his leadership as “strong and stable.”

“You’ve led fearlessly and admirably over the last six months,” Stevens said to Guskiewicz. “I know I speak for the board when I say we’re very pleased with your dedication, diligence and hard work as interim chancellor. Along with the entire board, I look forward to spending time with you and your leadership, and we’re prepared to support you throughout this academic year.”

In the press conference during a break at Thursday’s meeting, Guskiewicz repeated his interest in entering his name as a candidate for permanent chancellor.

Stevens said in addition to the search committee, the board wants others from UNC and Chapel Hill to voice their ideal options for the next chancellor.

“We’ll have one or more public sessions around campus and the community for input that way,” said Stevens. “We’ll take written recommendations. There will be lots of opportunities for public input; we want to hear from the whole campus.”

In conjunction with the announcement that the search committee had been formed, a university website detailing the search was launched.