The News & Observer is reporting that Margaret Spellings is leaving her position as president of the UNC System. Spellings has been in the post since March 2016.

The N&O’s Jane Stancill cited three sources when breaking the news.

Spellings’ hire was met with protest across the system. She was brought on to replace Tom Ross, a Democrat, who was fired by the mostly Republican board. The board chair at the time praised the work Ross had done when announcing he was being removed from the position.

Spellings is a former United States Secretary of Education under George W. Bush.

She had been floated as a candidate to take over as chancellor of the University of Texas System, which would have allowed Spellings to return to her home state. That job ultimately went to James Milliken, who previously served as a senior vice president in the UNC System.

Spellings has said multiple times at recent UNC System Board of Governors meetings that she was happy with her role at UNC.

The UNC System Board of Governors has called an emergency session for Friday morning.