The national champion UNC men’s basketball team was honored at the North Carolina General Assembly on Wednesday.

And while standing ovations are not regular occurrences at the North Carolina legislature in Raleigh, they were being handed out frequently as the Tar Heel men’s basketball team visited the state capitol, including head coach Roy Williams.

“You were talking about passing this resolution, I see how difficult it is to pass things in the House and the General Assembly and things like that, a lot of people stand up and talk,” Williams said as the room of lawmakers burst into laughter.

Williams said this year’s version of the Tar Heels was different than some previous championship teams.

“We may have had some more gifted, more talented teams,” Williams said, “but none that played as well on game night, none that played as well under difficult circumstances.”

Williams said one of the things that separated this year’s team was their sense of togetherness. And Williams said he hoped that characteristic extended to lawmakers as they worked on behalf of North Carolinians.

“I ask you to reach across the aisle and do what we can, particularly for education in our state.”

While many legislators were clad in Carolina Blue, there were several lawmakers in Raleigh sporting red to support the North Carolina State Wolfpack. And the Tar Heel coach couldn’t leave Raleigh without relishing the moment.

“It’s very satisfying to coach this team,” Williams said. “And it’s really very satisfying to look around here and see a few people wearing red, because I know you really don’t want to be here today.

“And I tell you that really satisfies me right to my core.”

Williams also suggested lawmakers prepare themselves because one day, the Tar Heel coach suggested, they may be joined by junior wing Theo Pinson in the General Assembly.

Earlier in the day Pinson announced that he would be returning to UNC for his senior season.