Demonstrators gathered in Chapel Hill’s Peace and Justice Plaza yesterday for what was deemed “A More Perfect Union”.

With Silent Sam looming in the background, Chapel Hill/Carrboro NAACP, the Community Church of Chapel Hill and others originally planned to gather for a counter protest of White Nationalist leader Richard Spencer’s would-be appearance on campus.

Although his application was denied due to safety concerns, Chapel Hill/Carrboro NAACP President Anna Richards said the groups decided to still gather as a united force against White Nationalism.

“Even though he isn’t coming, we thought this was a great opportunity to bring together people from different parts of Chapel Hill that are standing as a community against hate,” said Richards.

Among the speakers at “A More Perfect Union” were community and spiritual leaders from all different faiths, races and backgrounds, which Richards believes is important to highlight the diversity of the community.

“We’re all part of this town,” said Richards. “We’re all welcome here, we should be welcome, and we’re all trying to express how much we want Chapel Hill to be that kind of place. Not a place filled with hate or symbols of Hate

The demonstration comes days after UNC Students announced a boycott of campus services until the removal of Silent Sam.