North Carolina Republican Legislators met last week to discuss criteria for redrawing General Assembly Districts which have been ruled unconstitutional.

GOP members of the House and Senate redistricting committee voted that while race will not play a factor in redistricting, past election results may.

Director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform Jane Pinsky believes that these criteria may not offer much change from the illegal racial gerrymandering of the districts drawn in 2011.

“I think that [the maps] will be slightly less racially gerrymandered than the ones that they did in 2011,” says Pinsky. “I think that there will continue to be very highly partisan gerrymanders. In North Carolina, race and partisan identification are almost always synonymous.”

WCHL’s Aaron Keck spoke with Jane Pinsky.


This decision comes a week after speakers publicly urged lawmakers to leave out partisanship while redistricting.

“We think drawing [maps] without political factors will let them represent citizens, not people that want to get reelected,” said Pinsky.

The panels agreed that racial data would not be used in redistricting, which Democratic committee members claimed would make it impossible for lawmakers to prove to judges that racial gerrymanders were corrected.

The new maps must be approved by legislature by September 1.