CHAPEL HILL – After hitting a low point in September, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory’s approval rating began to improve.  But, according to a new poll, after three months of improvement, his numbers are down this month.

“We have found that for three months in a row going back to September that McCrory’s approval numbers have been improving, but this month they took a step back from a 42 percent approval in last month to a 37 percent approval rating,” says Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling in Raleigh.

Jensen says that McCrory’s approval rating is now about the same as back in September, when only 35 percent of voters approved of the work he was doing.

Thoughts On President’s Approval Rating

Jensen explains that North Carolinians aren’t happy with President Barack Obama either, whose approval numbers have hit a record low in the State with only 40 percent of voters who approve and 54 percent of voters who disapprove.