A crossing guard at Orange County’s Central Elementary School has been nominated by Safe Kids Orange County as “America’s Favorite Crossing Guard.”

Anderson Whitted, who has worked at Central Elementary for seven years, is one of 50 crossing guards in the nation nominated for the award.

Coordinator for Safe Kids Orange County Lindsay Bailey says that Whitted is integral to the safety of students at Central Elementary.

“Having someone like Mr. Whitted at Central Elementary School is really important to how children are able to come in and out of the school when their parent’s drop them off,” said Bailey.

The competition is sponsored by Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx, and the winner is awarded a $500 safety grant for their school.

Bailey hopes that this award can help raise people’s awareness for safety even while crossing guards are not present.

“If there’s not a crossing guard, how can you be more present? Making sure you’re not texting and driving, you’re not speeding, you’re paying attention to your surroundings,” said Bailey.

You can vote for  Whitted here.

Photo via Safe Kids Orange County