CHAPEL HILL – A rally to support the dismissal of charges against UNC sophomore Landen Gambill will take place Friday afternoon.

All week, Gambill has been at the center of attention after she was informed last Friday that charges have been filed against her by her ex-boyfriend stating she has done damage to his character.

Gambill accused her ex-boyfriend of verbally and physically sexually assaulting her in the spring of 2012. The case was heard by the UNC Honor Court.

After the accused was found not guilty of rape, but guilty of verbal harassment, Gambill and others have been speaking out about how they feel UNC has not properly handled the case.

Policies have since changed and the Honor Court no longer hears cases of sexual assault. But, Gambill says that’s not enough.

And, with all the attention that has been given to her, Gambill’s ex-boyfriend says it has negatively affected the way he is able to function at UNC, therefore filing the complaint with the Honor Court.

Friday’s rally will likely speak to the fact that Gambill is now being punished for speaking out about being attacked. It will take place at 1:00 p.m. on UNC’s campus.