CHAPEL HILL – Our local university will be performing new studies into osteoarthritis, as the National Institute of Health is giving UNC a $5.6 million dollar grant to build the multidisciplinary clinical research center.

With arthritis being the number one cause of disability among the elderly, the center will study the causes of arthritis, as well as study osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others.

The center already has two research studies, one looking at ways to improve the quality of life for those with knee or hip osteoarthritis and others looking at the risk factors for ACL damage in military cadets.


Hillsborough utility crews are installing a new water line to improve your water service inside the town. The work can possibly close lanes between Mayo Street and Patriots Pointe Drive and utilities say the project can take six to eight months to complete.


Chapel Hill is holding an information session on the proposed changes to land use regulations in the Ephesus Church Road/Fordham Boulevard area. Changes to the area were proposed as part of the Chapel Hill 2020 plan and due to the vacant and underdeveloped sites in the area. Ephesus Church Road and Fordham Boulevard are both also along transit corridors.

The information session will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 26 in Room B of the Chapel Hill Public Library. Lee Einsweiler of Code Studio will explain the regulatory changes.