This summer, the saga of several dogs born from German Shepard and wolf parents captured the attention of the Orange County community after escaping their enclosure. This week, however, the final known dog on the loose reportedly died.

The Orange County Animal Services confirmed to Chapelboro that Animal Control officers responded to a call Monday night and found a deceased wolf-dog off of NC 86 in Hillsborough.

“Based on the injuries, it appears she was hit by a car,” communications specialist Tenille Fox said in a message. “We are deeply saddened by this outcome, especially given the efforts to bring the dog to safety.”

Orange County Animal Services had tried for months to capture all ten of the dogs, which were believed to have been kept in an enclosure near Cedar Grove before being turned loose. Sightings of the animals led to a fervor on social media in July, with the animal services setting out traps to safely catch the animals. The last dog on the loose had been collectively named “Gurl” by some northern Orange County residents who would spot her.

Nine of the dogs ultimately ended up in the county government’s care, with Fox saying OCAS workers had not had any other sightings of the animals “for a very long time” beyond the one found on Monday.

“We still have nine dogs in our facility,” Fox wrote about the captured dogs, who were deemed in July to not likely be available for adoption. “That status has not changed since the ninth wolfdog entered our facility in early August.”

The county department suggests drivers always follow the speed limit and try to be mindful of all animals, especially ones that could also present a danger to cars. If someone finds a dead animal, the Orange County Animal Services says it asks people to not handle them or make direct contact with them in case of a potential exposure to rabies. More information can be found on the Orange County government website.


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