CHAPEL HILL – It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and that means Christmas Tree lots are starting to open-up around Chapel Hill and Orange County.

It’s that time of year when folks make that mad dash to find that certain, special tree.  Jennifer Greene is t he executive director of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Growers Association.  She says there are several kinds to choose from, but one is the king Christmas Tree of the state.

“Frazier firs,” Greene says. “96 percent of the Christmas Trees that are out of North Carolina.  There’s also other species such as cedars, Leland cypress and white pines.”

She says the Christmas Tree industry brings in millions of dollars to the state for growers and folks, who operate the corner lot…

Last year, NCDA reported there was…it topped 85 million dollars in sales, and that doesn’t include greenery sales,” Greene says.

Greene says North Carolina Christmas Trees are shipped all-over.

“Actually to every state in the United States, as well as, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and various other places,” Greene says.

So, when you are picking out that special Christmas Tree, Greene tells us what to look for.

“A good rich, blue green color in your tree,” Greene says. “Taking the branches and the needles between your fingers to make sure they are pliable and bendable without breaking will show it is a good fresh tree.”