The Chapel Hill Town Council will hold its second public hearing on Wednesday regarding the proposed future site of Wegmans grocery store.

Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger says this public hearing is the final one.

“It’s been through all the boards and commissions and now it’s the second public hearing,” said Hemminger. “So if it gets approved then it moves forward.”

The future site of the 130,000-square-foot Wegmans will be 15 acres between 15-501 and Old Durham Road – the current location of Performance AutoMall.

Hemminger said resident concerns from the last public hearing have been reviewed.

“There were several questions asked last time, mostly about traffic flow,” said Hemminger. “I know things have been worked on, (though) I haven’t seen the data come back yet.”

According to the current plans, once the grocery store is on site, motorists coming from Scarlett Drive will only be able to turn right onto Old Durham, and the service road access near Hardees will no longer be an accessible entrance for customers.

Chapel Hill and Orange County agreed last October to give Wegmans a $4 million economic incentive package over five years if the New York chain creates 185 full-time jobs and 413 part-time jobs and meets annual property and sales tax revenue goals.