The Supreme Court has decided against passing the law that would ban cell phone use whilst driving in Chapel Hill. The law would have also constrained towing in the town as well.

Despite the back-and-forth discussion since 2012, the ordinance had not gone into effect due to various legal issues. This latest decision to strike down the law was agreed upon unanimously.

Manager of a local towing business, George King, sued Chapel Hill over both laws. Due to the rule that would require towers to alert police within 15 minutes of making a tow, King said he could not perform his job properly without also infraction on the cell phone law.

The Supreme Court has noted that while they already have restrictions place on the use of cell phones and driving, they are completely in their rights to enforce the laws regarding towing procedure. Some regulations about towing were also struck down, but others, such as wrecker drivers updating police before towing vehicles and impound lots be located within 15 miles of town, will still remain.

WCHL’s Aaron Keck welcomed Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt to the Thursday Afternoon News to discuss the court’s ruling.

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