CHAPEL HILL – The Orange County Board of Elections is looking for a site to replace Ram’s Head Dining Hall on UNC’s campus for one-stop early voting next year.

Tracy Reams, Director of the Orange County Board of Elections, says that though the dining hall was convenient for students, it presented several challenges, such as compliance with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“It is not conducive to do curbside voting there at Ram’s Head because you have to park in a parking deck and the building is actually located above the parking deck,” Reams says.

Reams says her office is working with Linda Convissor, UNC’s Director of Local Relations, to find another site on campus where student access to the polls won’t be hindered.

“We’re working with the elected officials in Chapel Hill, the students, and the administrative staff there trying to locate another site,” she says.

Due to recent State election law revisions, the early voting period in 2014 will be significantly shortened. With these changes, Reams say she wants to find a replacement site that will help make it easier to vote.

Morehead Planetarium was once used as a one-stop early site, but it was repurposed by the University and is no longer available.

The OC Board of Elections has until March 14 to pick a new site and submit its early voting plan to the State Board of Elections.

“We just want the public to know that they are welcome to attend the meetings and provide input,” Reams says. “We just hope that we can find a suitable site for everybody before that March 14 deadline.”

Reams says that the community can visit the Orange County Board of Elections website for meeting information.