CHAPEL HILL – Council member Gene Pease announced early Thursday morning he will not seek reelection to the Chapel Hill Town Council.

***Listen to the Interview between Pease and WCHL’s News Director Ran Northam***

“I just feel that it’s time for me to slow down a little in my public life and focus on some other things in my career right now,” says Pease.

Pease says family commitments on the west coast, an increased workload at his company—Capital Analytics Inc—and a second book due to his publisher are the reasons for his decision. He has served on the council for four years; his term ends at the end of the year.

“Although I’ve enjoyed it—I feel like I’ve helped accomplish some things—I just don’t have the time I had four years ago,” Pease says.

Pease served on many different advisory boards before being elected to the council. He was the chair of the Citizens Budget and Finance Committee from 2004-05, president of the Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation from 2006-09, and vice-chair of the Horace Williams Citizens Committee from 2005-06, among others.

During his time on the council, he was also the liaison to multiple advisory boards.

“You know, kind of the non-glamorous, if there’s any glamour to the job, because those are the kind of behind the scenes stuff that the public doesn’t see, that to me were very rewarding being part of those boards and helping them move their missions along.” says Pease.

This announcement makes two seats open without incumbents as Laurin Easthom previously announced she will not seek reelection this year either. Sally Greene—who was appointed by the council to fill the seat left vacant by Penny Rich—will seek reelection.

Pease comments on some of the goals the Town Council is currently working on and hopes the new members of the Town Council will continue the progress.

“I hope we see through the comprehensive plan 2020, and actually have the political will to rezone some of the small areas we are working on” Pease says.

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt’s second term ends this year as well. He announced he will run for a third.