The Town of Chapel Hill has set up a website to address the concerns of residents about the installation of fiber in their area.

Chapel Hill is one of a handful of places to have both Google Fiber and AT&T gigabit Internet.

Plans call for the availability of gigabit Internet services that would be 100 times faster than standard cable Internet speeds. Google’s network design is underway, and fiber is not yet being installed.

Now, through the town website, residents can look up where crews will be working or report an issue.

Public agencies and utility companies have the right to work in front yards, provided the work stays within the right-of-way area.

Any mess created is supposed to be cleaned up by the utility companies.

For more information, visit the town’s website.

Get the latest on the work of AT&T and Google Fiber.

AT&T fiber installation: 919-779-1497

Google fiber installation: Coming Soon

You can contact Emergency Management Coordinator Barry McLamb if your initial concerns are not resolved at 919-968-2705 or