The Carrboro Board of Aldermen is considering whether to give builders a break regarding roof overhangs, when it comes to setback rules for buildings.

According to a current sub-section in the town’s Land Use Ordinance, setback rules apply to parts of any building including “overhead canopies and roofs.”

The language is important, because a roof overhang is included in the measurement of distance from the street.

Allowable distances are regulated according to a table in the ordinance.

The Planning Board recommends that the first three feet of a residential roof overhang should not be subject to building setback requirements.

But that recommendation only applies to internal setbacks of new major subdivisions.

The Board of Aldermen will hold a public hearing on the matter during its regular Tuesday meeting at Town Hall.

According to an email to the town government from a citizen – which is included in the alderpersons’ information packet – the relaxation in the building rule would prevent the construction of buildings without proper roof overhangs.

The writer of the email pointed out that overhangs provide shade and shelter, as well as diverting water from the building.

The meeting begins Tuesday at 7:30.

Carrboro Town Hall is located at 301 West Main Street.