North Carolina’s unemployment rate has dropped more than two points in a year and remained below the national average in March for the second-consecutive month.

Unemployment in March was 6.3 percent, down 0.1 in February, according to the N.C. Department of Commerce.

The national decline in unemployment has stalled for the last two months, while North Carolina continues its steady downward turn. In the final month of the first quarter, nearly 2,500 fewer people claimed unemployment while more than 10,000 more people claimed employment.

However, the over-the-year figures aren’t as promising as a two-point decrease. From March 2013 to March 2014 unemployment numbers declined by more than 105,000 people, but only about 55,000 more people claimed new employment. That points to the continuing trend that some people just aren’t claiming unemployment anymore.

County-by-county unemployment rates are scheduled to be released next Tuesday.

To see the full release about the March unemployment figures, click here.