The Bank of America Foundation is investing in Durham Technical Community College by offering over $23,000 in scholarships and tuition assistance to its civil engineering students.

Financial attention from the foundation was garnered by the college due to its new undergraduate program that prepares students for careers in construction and highway management.

The program was equally attractive to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, which opted to partner with the foundation and provide job opportunities for participants.

According to Dr. Peter Woolridge, a senior administrator at the college, the support of that partnership is helping to “provide even better career paths” for enrollees.

With the assistance of the foundation and the NCDOT, the college will implement a practical career pipeline that limits the financial burden placed on students taking advantage of it.

Fiscal aid was also granted to the college by the foundation last year for the purpose of bolstering a tiny house fabrication project that coincided with a construction trades program.

The foundation has pledged to invest $2 billion over the course of ten years to address issues related to economic mobility, workforce development and basic needs.

Photo by Alamy.