CHAPEL HILL – The folk trio Brother Sun will perform on Saturday night at the Community Church of Chapel Hill, to raise money for the Inter-Faith Council’s Community House capital campaign.

“They do some beautiful music together,” says IFC executive director John Dorward.

Brother Sun is comprised of Joe Jencks, Pat Wictor and Greg Greenway; they’ve been nationally recognized as one of the best folk-Americana vocal groups in the country.

Proceeds from Saturday’s concert will help the IFC build its new Community House at 1315 MLK Boulevard. IFC officials are hoping to raise $5,760,000 for the project; Dorward says they’re close already.

“We’re making very good progress,” he says. “We started the capital campaign in earnest earlier this year, (and) we’re to about $4.4 million (raised)…we’ve got a ways yet to go, but we feel very confident that we’re going to get there.”

That $4.4 million has come from more than 300 individual donors.

When it’s completed, Dorward says the Community House shelter will have room to house 52 men, with an additional 17 beds available for emergencies—as well as a wellness clinic and job counseling, among other services.

“The new Community House will give us a permanent location for the first time,” he says. “We’ve been in temporary quarters in the old Municipal Building for 28 years now…

“We’ll have 52 beds for men on a transitional basis where they can work through the program–and at the end of the day they’re back on their feet and they’re back out in the community, paying taxes and working just like the rest of us.”

Construction on the Community House is slated to begin next spring, with a projected opening in 2015.

The Brother Sun concert gets underway at 8:00 Saturday night at the Community Church of Chapel Hill on 106 Purefoy Road. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 the day of the show; you can purchase them online at

You can listen to Brother Sun by visiting