CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill Town Council candidate, George Cianciolo says revenue and paying for the implementation of the Chapel Hill 2020 plan are the top issues he’ll focus on if elected.

“If you look at where the town is now, I think several council members have talked about that the Council and the Town Manager pulled all the rabbits out of the hat they can,” Cianciolo says. “We don’t have any ability to issue a bond for four more years; we raised our taxes this time for the first time in five years by four percent.”

WCHL’s Ran Northam spoke with Cianciolo about his seeking election to the Town Council and how he believes he’ll best serve you.

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Nine candidates are contending for four seats on the Town Council.

Cianciolo says the way to increase the revenue for future development is though a thoughtful process for the business applicants and the citizens.

“We need to shorten our review process and make it more streamline,” Cianciolo says. “But to do that, we need citizen input. We’ve been talking about potentially going to a form-based code zoning system or something like that; it might be a hybrid.”

Between now and Election Day, we’ll be previewing each of the candidates one-on-one.

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