CHAPEL HILL – Mayor Pro Tem and Chapel Hill Town Council candidate, Ed Harrison, says the top issue he’s hearing discussed in town is the relationship between future land use and revenues. He says one way to work on those issues is by continuing with the priority budgeting process.

“We had to change things around when there was what a colleague called old fashioned priority budgeting issues, which is a lot of people showing up, making sense about changing how we spent money—for instance, on the library and its hours,” Harrison says. “But, I think we will continue that kind of process.”

WCHL’s Ran Northam spoke with Harrison about his seeking re-election to the Town Council and how he believes he’ll best serve you.

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Nine candidates are contending for four seats on the Town Council.

Harrison says in his 12 years the council, he’s been able to hone his skills.

“Being a council member is a general field, but you have specializations” Harrison says. “I already had expertise in environmental issues when I came to the council. I’ve worked very hard on that, particularly with a couple citizen boards. I was called, by a newspaper eight years ago, the transportation wonk; I’m very proud of that.”

Between now and Election Day, we’ll be previewing each of the candidates one-on-one.

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