CARRBORO – Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidate, Kurt Stolka says, if elected, he will work to activate the Town’s public spaces better in an effort to have an outlet to get your voice out.

“We don’t have a lot of social equity in our town,” Stolka says. “You go to Weaver Street and you can see that. There’s only a certain kind of people that show up there. And it’s a great resource for people to meet at, but we’re not making it inviting to the entire community in all income levels.”

WCHL’s Ran Northam spoke with Stolka about his seeking election to the Board of Aldermen and how he believes he’ll best serve you.

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Five candidates are contending for three seats on the Board of Aldermen.

Stolka says he wants to be a new voice for the Board.

“There’s not a lot of representation for someone with a young family,” Stolka says. “There’s people who have been here a long time and young people, but I think there needs to be a better voice for people with families that don’t have a lot of time to care about what might affect their kids.”

Between now and Election Day, we’ll be previewing each of the candidates one-on-one.

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