Chapel Hill will hold a dedication ceremony this weekend for the newly constructed fire station on Hamilton Road.

Fire Station No. 2 has been functioning with Chapel Hill’s fire department for a brief period, but the ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The facility is a unique project for Chapel Hill, thanks to partnerships between the town, Orange County and the private developer East West Partners to complete it.

Chapel Hill mayor Pam Hemminger says the collaboration saved construction costs and improved development. She says the expertise from Orange County and East West Partners on development features was particularly helpful.

“We had a lot of needs in this fire station and an opportunity to work with a developer to help us build this,” Hemminger says. “We didn’t have a fire station that was ever built for a ladder truck, so we had to have bigger doors and more storage capacity. We made sure this station is able to accommodate a ladder truck and crew.”

Hemminger also says she’s excited about the county’s choice to house the EMS station at Fire Station 2.

“This way, the EMT and fire folks can learn from each other and help each other out,” she says. “They both often show up at the same scene, so we’re really pleased about that collaboration.”

In addition to the fire and EMS operations based out of the new station, the development includes a new office building. Hemminger says despite construction of the section not being complete, the space is already leased out.

Photo via Town of Chapel Hill