Chair of the NC Democratic Party Randy Voller said he won’t get into the details of why he fired former Executive Director Robert Dempsey earlier this month.

Voller, who is currently in Washington D.C. for a Democratic National Committee conference, said that a new executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party could be named on March 9 when the group’s executive council meets in Greensboro.

“I can say this. It is not unusual in any form of business or sports endeavor. If Coach Krzyzewski needs to make a change, he will make a change, and they will know why. As far as why I made that decision, after getting input from other people, it is strictly a personnel matter between the Chair and the Executive Director. I wish him well. We will move forward,” Voller said.

The former Mayor of Pittsboro said he has prepared a list of candidates to recommend to the 51-member council. For the nomination to become official, the candidate has to be approved and voted on by the council.

Casey Mann is currently serving as the Interim Executive Director.

“They could do a number of things. They could decide to extend Ms. Mann’s contract if she continues. They could name her as the Executive Director. They could ask me for other names, and someone could be named after they vote on it. We could decide to discuss other resumes that have been submitted,” he said.

Voller said the council could also decide to postpone the vote.

The Associated Press reported that Voller “appeared ready to pick” national civil rights leader and North Carolina native Benjamin Chavis.

Voller wouldn’t say if Chavis is still the front runner.

“There are people who are interested in Dr. Chavis, and there are people who are interested in other candidates. Ultimately, I am going to defer the list onto the council of who they want to select.”

State Democrats have struggled after Republicans took control of the General Assembly in 2010 and then the Governor’s Mansion in 2012, holding the first super majority in more than a century.

“The whole purpose of a political party, whether it is Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Libertarian, is to win the battle of ideas and win elections. All the rest of it is just an awful lot of static that develops based on people’s personalities and points of view.”

The NC Democratic Party is set to meet at the NC Guilford County Democratic Party headquarters in Greensboro.