NEW YORK – For the first time since Cate Edwards followed her father to a  courthouse in Greensboro every day for six weeks, she spoke out in an exclusive interview with the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie Friday morning about her life, the time surrounding the trial, and a foundation created in the memory of her mother, Elizabeth.

“I love my family and I’m loyal to them and I care about them,” Cate said told Guthrie. “There pain is my pain and that’s as complicated as it gets.”

But, life was complicated a year ago when Cate followed her father into the courthouse from April 23 to May 31. John was on trial for the alleged illegal use of campaign funds and was found not guilty on one of the six counts; the other five were mistrials and the prosecution said it would not revisit the case.

But Cate said, no matter what happened she was standing behind her father.

“He’s my day, and I love him,” Cate said. “We love each other and we support each other. That’s just how our family is.”

Cate practices law at a public interest firm in Washington, D.C., Edwards and Eubanks, LLC. Her mother, Elizabeth lost her battle with breast cancer on December 7, 2010. Since then, Cate has been busy getting the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation off the ground.

She said her mother was a huge influence on her life, and she wants that idea to continue on through the organization.

“She really was in all facets of her life, starting at home, a great encourager (and) a great mentor,” Cate said. “I think that this really encapsulates who she was as a human being throughout her entire life, really encouraging people to reach their full potential.”

Quoting directly from its website, “The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation is a charitable organization which will provide educational opportunities, tools, and support to youth with limited resources.”

To see the first part of the interview from Friday morning on Today, click here. Part two of the interview airs Friday night on Rock Center with Brian Williams.