The American heartland is full of great characters – and a bunch of them are making their way to the Chapel Hill stage this weekend.

PlayMakers Repertory Company wraps up its PRC2 series this weekend with a one-man show called “The Real Americans,” written and performed by NYC-based playwright/journalist Dan Hoyle based on interviews conducted with Americans across the country. (The Huffington Post called the end result “nothing short of brilliant.”)

Hoyle – a master of many voices who specializes in “journalistic theater” – says he drove across the country in a van, avoiding the interstates, stopping in small towns and talking with folks about their lives. (How many interviews did he conduct? It’s hard to say: Hoyle says some of his best material came from random encounters that hardly count as ‘interviews’ at all.)

Dan Hoyle spoke this week with WCHL’s Aaron Keck.


“The Real Americans” runs through Sunday, May 1, with shows at 7:30 pm each night and 2 pm on Sunday. Visit for tickets.