Chair of the Orange County Commissioners Jamezetta Bedford spoke with 97.9 The Hill’s Andrew Stuckey on Wednesday, May 24th.  She discussed the latest budget work session and some minor amendments that may be made to the budget as it works toward approval. She also gave an update on meeting with some county departments, including the decision to eliminate the county’s pet registration fee. She also discussed the reopening of Blackwood Farm Park in Orange County, and previewed the opening of a new Fire and EMS station in Hillsborough.

Conversations With the Mayors is an ongoing series on “News on the Hill” where host Andrew Stuckey visits with the local government leaders who help shape our communities. Each Tuesday he visits with Hillsborough Mayor Jenn Weaver; Wednesdays feature a conversation with Chair of the Orange County Commissioners Jamezetta Bedford; Thursdays feature Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger, and Fridays include a conversation with Carrboro Mayor Damon Seils.  You can access previous “Conversations With the Mayors” here.