About a dozen volunteers gathered at the new Orange County GOP headquarters in Hillsborough on Wednesday for a grand reopening of the group’s new headquarters.

The party was forced to move after the previous headquarters were firebombed last month.

North Carolina GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse described the attack as “political terrorism.”

“This was not just an attack on the Orange County GOP,” Woodhouse said. “This was an attack on all free-thinking people and of our democracy.

“And it has shaken Republicans across the state.”

County Republican vice chairwoman Evelyn Poole-Kober said the party’s work continued outside of the older facility for between two and four days immediately after the attack.

“But we worked up there with our same goal and mission, to win the election on November 8.”

Woodhouse said the party had seen a lot of support coming in from Republicans and Democrats.

“And we don’t believe [the attack] represents the other side, but the rhetoric has been tough in this election.”

While Woodhouse described the day as a “joyous” one, he did reiterate that no arrest had been made in the case.

“Somebody knows who firebombed our office,” Woodhouse said. “Somebody knows who and somebody knows why.”

In an effort to find more information about the incident, Woodhouse said the state Republican Party was matching the $5,000 reward Republican Governor Pat McCrory’s office had offered for information.