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July 12, 2018: Kavanaugh

New PPP surveys show Americans do not support a Supreme Court nominee who will overturn abortion rights, workers' rights, voting rights, and healthcare protections - and they'll also oppose Senators who vote to endorse such a nominee.

July 12, 2018: 14th And Nantucket

It's the 150th anniversary of the ratification of (arguably) the most important amendment in Constitutional history. Also, Scott tracks Hillsborough history all the way across the state.

July 10, 2018: 14th Amendment

Anna's worried about Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, but there's positive news too - including the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 14th Amendment.


May 29, 2018: Goodbyeee

Meg's moving on to a new position (don't worry, still in Chapel Hill!), so this is her final Downtown Rundown. (We still have fun.)

July 11, 2018: Heroes

The library is hosting a panel discussion on "heroes" - so we discuss our favorite literary heroes. (Almost all women, as it turns out.)

July 14, 2018

Guest: Lefty Driesell Lefty Driesell, legendary basketball coach at Maryland, Davidson, James Madison and Georgia State, talks about his election to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.


July 11, 2018: Jerry Richardson

Following a devastating report of numerous cases of sexual and racial harassment, Jerry Richardson sells the Carolina Panthers and (unapologetically) walks away with $2.2 billion. What are we to make of it all?

June 19, 2018: “Empty Holster”

Ashley and Aaron are joined by Daniel Johnson, who's working with Ashley to organize a pro-gun rights rally in Hillsborough. (Saturday, July 21, 10 am to noon on the old courthouse lawn.)