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November 14, 2018: Basketball!

Basketball season is underway, so we're recommending our favorite hoop-themed books. (And plugging some that were written by our friends!)

November 10, 2018

Fred Kiger, Writer, Researcher and American Civil War Expert at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill AND WCHL’s Trivia Guru. Experiencing the Civil War in American life--looking back after 150 years .

Nov 9th – Making Music! – Click to Listen

Jean Bolduc stopped by to chat with AJ about this Friday’s question. Today’s KidsQ: If you were in a band, what instrument would you play? What kind of music would your band make?...

November 6, 2018: Election Day

Aaron and Ashley discuss important races and issues on the ballot, locally and nationwide - and we talk about the pros and cons of high-turnout elections.