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Week of February 4, 2019

Stevens and Lavelle watch the General Assembly; county commissioners discuss I-40 widening and a future county jail; Hemminger talks parking; Lavelle talks immigration.


May 29, 2018: Goodbyeee

Meg's moving on to a new position (don't worry, still in Chapel Hill!), so this is her final Downtown Rundown. (We still have fun.)

August 17, 2019

Elizabeth Marie Melchionna, rector at the Chapel of the Cross, talks about her experiences as leader of one of Chapel Hill’s oldest and most influential churches.


August 21st – Bacon Ice Cream and Rootle! – Click to Listen

Today, Aaron Keck was joined by Miss Joy Potts and her son Silas, as well as Erica Starke-Knight, a producer for Rootle! Rootle's Block Party is coming up this weekend! Today’s KidsQ: If you could make up a flavor of ice cream what would it taste like? What would you call it?