Justin Meckes

Top Gun: Maverick is Back in Theaters

“Top Gun” is a classic Hollywood action flick and everything a summer movie should be, and it’ll be showing July 15 and 18 as part of Silverspot’s Flashback Cinema series here in Chapel Hill. If you’re planning to see it, be prepared for a heavy dose of nostalgia and — of course — speed. Somewhere between the end of the Vietnam War and the start of the conflict in the Gulf, one fictional Navy pilot felt the need… the need for speed. The year was 1986, and audiences were delighted by the drama and the machismo of a few...

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A Sci-Fi Motorcycle Crash: Talking with David Drake

David Drake almost missed our interview. Although the incident occurred two weeks before we met, Drake was directly involved while riding one of his three motorcycles. As we discussed the crash, Drake casually stated that being rear-ended on his bike was one of the ways he thought he might die. Fortunately, he walked away with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises – not too bad, considering his motorcycle was sandwiched between two SUVs. The sun highlighting his cropped silver hair, Drake invited me to take a seat on his second-floor screened-in porch that overlooks his 20-acre spread...

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Progression: Handholds & Crashpads

If you’re afraid of heights, intimidated by ropes and couldn’t guess the meaning of the word “belay” — but would still like to give rock climbing a try — then bouldering might be just right for you. Progression Climbing, a bouldering gym located on Legion Rd, allows people to experience “an aspect of rock climbing where you don’t use ropes or harnesses,” according to Don Raleigh, a manager of the climbing facility. If you’ve driven past Progression and wondered what exactly it looks like inside, you might be surprised the first time you visit the gym – and it...

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