Guys, ohmygod, Doctor Who is finally back with new episodes on Saturday! And BBC has put out a bunch of minisodes called Pond Life!

I am pretty excited about the new season, and not just because of the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and supposedly scary Daleks, but because there will apparently be dinosaurs in spaceships. Oh, Doctor, Who, you’re so silly. I’ve finally finished rewatching seasons 5 and 6 in preparation (it counts as a rewatch even if you skip the boring episodes about flesh clones and the very creepy peg doll one, right?). I still think the episode with baby Stormageddon is my favorite, even if the end is a little bit cloying.

Another TV show I am getting excited about way too far in advance is the recently announced Joss Whedon pilot about SHIELD
 (the organization Nick Fury works for—you know, all those dapperly dressed individuals in the background of the Avengers movie).  I’d love to see Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in a starring role, but she has at least one more year on the increasingly drawn-out How I Met Your Mother. She’s so much more fun as a bad-ass, though! (Speaking of badass ladies, have you all seen the BAMF Girls Club? Hilarious.) And here’s an interview with Whedon about all sorts of Marvel stuff!

And two kind of important pieces of comic book news—Ed Brubaker (who’s written Captain America for a long time, and whose Winter Soldier seems like it’ll play a big part of the Captain America movie sequel) is leaving Marvel, presumably to focus on his independent series like Incognito and Criminal (both of which I have recommended here several times).

And in similar news, Judd Winick is leaving DC. I have never actually read any Judd Winick DC comics, but I did like Barry Ween (about a foul-mouthed boy genius—pretty funny) and the book he did about being on the Real World. No, seriously, he was on the Real World in like season 3, the one with Puck and the peanut butter. Winick wrote a book about his friendship with AIDS educator/HIV-positive housemate Pedro Zamora, Pedro and Me, which totally made me cry. So I’m hopeful that he’s moving on to something more interesting. 

And Rob Liefeld is also leaving DC, but I’ll let this article speak to whether or not we should be upset about that.

And finally, it’s been a long time since I brought you any Archie news (which means something crazy is probably right around the corner), so read this hilarious takedown of the short-lived 80s comic (and cartoon) The New Archies. I am pretty sure I read this in the 80s and loved it, but I was a little kid, so what did I know?

Anyway, hope you all have a great long weekend and spend at least some of it reading comics!