All May long we’ve been sharing the stories of some of the best mom’s in Chapelboro, and now it’s time for you to choose who will get a special night out! Listen to all of the great stories below, and then vote for who will get to spend a weekend driving a BMW convertible and dining at Glasshalfull. Voting ends June 13th, with the winner announced during the Evening News with Aaron Keck.

Congratulations to our winner Ronnie Graham, and all of our Chapelboro moms!

Debbie Davis-Noell

Debbie Davis-Noel always stays positive and keeps a steady hand, in spite of personal tragedies and health problems as well. She’s the glue that keeps the family together.

Anne Justus

Anne Justus was nominated by her daughter, Jill, who says her Mom is just the greatest. She has the best sense of humor, she’s fun to hang out with, and she has a very special relationship for Jill and her sister, Jordie.

Michele Lynn

Michelle Lynn is a great mom and is also very active in the community. She is a great friend to her friends, which is another great talent to have. All of this high praise is according to Ginger Young, who nominated her!

Dessie Chandler

Dessie Chandler is not only a good mom, but she is also an excellent landlord. She is all about the family, according to one of her daughters who nominated her.

Prue Mulrine

Prue Mulrine was nominated by her daughter, Caze Wright. Prue is incredibly active in the community, very involved in all things musical, and loves to volunteer her time helping others. And Caze says even though her mom is now in her 80’s, it’s sometimes hard to catch up with her because she’s so busy living life!

Andrea Eisen

Andrea Eisen has a couple of teenage sons, and she’s a great mom to them, but she also spends a lot of time helping young people in the Karin community. Andrea helps the kids learn about life here in our community, and sometimes she even takes the kids out for special fun events!

Ronnie Graham

Ronne Graham was nominated by her son, Brian. He explains why she is so special, not only to him and his sister, but also to our community because of all the great things she does.

Carlotta Armstrong Young

Carlotta Armstrong Young is a veteran educator, and former Principal at Chapel Hill High School. She is also extremely active in her church, St. Paul’s AME Church on Merritt Mill Road. Carlotta is not only is a great mother, but she has been like a mother for so many young people right here in our community.

Sharon Kerns

Sharon Kerns is not just a great mom, she’s a great grandmother, and a great Mother-in-law as well.

Beth Posner

Beth Posner was nominated by one of her three daughters, and is an attorney who works with the UNC Law School. Beth does a lot of great things in our community and is also a social activist, never failing to speak out when she believes it’s needed.

Angela Davis-Kincy

Angela Davis-Kincy is a mother of 5, and she also helps other mothers in every way possible. She organizes meetings, and conducts classes for La Leche League, which is a group that helps women with breast feeding.

Ethel Jean Jackson

Ethel Jean Jackson is a retired educator, who is also extremely active in her church, St. Paul’s AME Church. She and her husband, Curtis Jackson, Jr. have 3 adult daughters who have gone on to achieve a great deal in life in their chosen fields.

Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller does great work for the local Hospice Program, making sure that Hospice patients get fresh flowers on a regular basis. She also has a long history of doing other work in the community, as well.

Donna Carrington

Donna Carrington was nominated by her 10-year-old daughter, Kiran Carrington. Their family has been through some tough times, but Donna always maintains a positive attitude, no matter what.

Pat Lopp

Her daughter, Kristin Tucker nominated her and said, “That midwestern farm girl has taught me there is no place like home.” She has always created a special magic during the holidays and birthdays, and volunteers for several non-profit organizations and has held many roles in her church.

Aubrey Fox Williams

Aubrey has worked for WCHL for years and now works with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce. She used to deliver the Clean Joke of the Day with Ron Stutts on the WCHL Morning News and now she has delivered Fox Richmond Williams.

Faith Nager

She’s another outstanding Mom, who has not only been a great mother to her own kids, but has also helped others in our community, in so many important ways over the years.