Sorry I didn’t get this posted before the debate last night.

Last Thursday night, Wilson White received the Outstanding Recent Graduate Award from UNC’s School of Law.  After graduating from the Law School in 2006, Wilson went to work for a US District Court Judge and then for Kilpatrick Stockton in Atlanta. Now he is in California, working for Google, managing their patent litigation.

When Wilson came to the stage on Thursday night to receive his award and make a few comments, he shared a story about being asked to speak in front of the youth group at his church. The pastor asked him to speak to the kids about the importance of studying, staying in school and doing your best. Wilson took the assignment seriously, prepared and then did his best to deliver the appropriate message.

Afterwards, he went to the pastor’s office and asked for feedback. The pastor told Wilson he had done a good job. Wilson pressed for tips on what he could do better next time. And so the pastor said, “It was good. But you forgot the five B’s”.

Wilson didn’t know about the five B’s and asked the pastor to teach him. The pastor said, “The five B’s are: Be Brief Brother, Be Brief”.

And yes – Wilson was very brief with his remaining comments on Thursday night.

Congratulations to Wilson White. And thanks to him and his pastor for sharing the five B’s.

As soon as I heard about them, I knew I wanted to share it with you here.  What fabulous reminder in this busy, information packed, short attention span world we live in.

If only I had posted it before the debate last night.

Perhaps participants will see it before the next go round.

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