short list winners

The votes are in and it’s official, the winner of May’s Chapelboro Short List for “The Best Place for a Day Date” in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area is Weaver Street Market!

weaver street market short list

When it comes to a Chapel Hill-Carrboro Day Date, Weaver Street Market topped the Short List. Located on East Weaver St. in Carrboro, the “community-owned grocery” is situated within the Carrboro shopping district where patrons can stroll the shops or just enjoy the pedestrian and dog friendly walkways after a great bite to eat.

Offering produce, goods and beverages that are local, fairly-raised and ecological is the lynch pin of the Weaver Street Co-op as they stand for more than just a grocery store, but a place for community. Staffed by passionate and engaged employees, there is an innate sense of fun and joy around the market. Open air seating beneath tall trees on a sunny day couldn’t make for a better day date, especially when local musicians perfume the air with musical notes ranging anywhere from the blues to bluegrass.

The co-op also makes education a part of their shopping experience. Couples, friends, family and children alike can enjoy learning and reading about their food — not to mention give first-date couples something to talk about while enjoying their meal.

Going to Weaver Street Market is not just a linear experience of getting your food and leaving; it is a place where you hand select your food from the local bounty, learn interesting facts from excellent staffers, and then enjoy your feast amongst others who are there to do the same. Check out Weaver Street Market and see for yourself!

Also on the Short List

For more than 40 years, the NC Botanical Garden has been a natural recreation staple in the area because of its native plant conservation and education of local citizens. There are display gardens and an education center perfect for anyone wanting some fresh air or exposure to nature. For all the couples out there, you can even scope it out as a potential wedding venue as they offer facility rentals!

Craving a cheesy pizza? Mellow Mushroom can help! Boasting a beautiful lineup of beer on tap and other treats, Mellow’s unique and flavorful crust that delivers their delicious toppings can satisfy any taste profile as well as tailor to any allergies, including gluten. Striving to create the “most delicious, craveable slice of pizza on the planet” makes Mellow Mushroom the only pizza place to make our Short List and it’s not hard to see why.

If coffee is what you’re looking for but with accompanying elements such as wine, cigars, art or live music, Caffe Driade is the place. Facing East Franklin Street, Caffe Driade is lively, current and hip. A Carrboro Coffee Roasters cafe, the location is a unique and sensual alternative to the sterile corporate coffee joints around town. Baristas are trained extensively in-house and must pass certification before getting put behind the counter. Quality is supreme, from beverages and food to service.

Calling all athletes and thrill seekers! Remember the fun of jumping on trampoline, the effortless floating after a big jump or the adrenaline of doing a flip? At Defy Gravity in Durham, there’s a cutting-edge trampoline sports arena just waiting for you to come and bounce around the wall-to-wall steel frame trampolines. Defy Gravity also houses angled wall trampolines, an Olympic-sized foam pit and one of the largest trampoline dodgeball cages in America. Nothing short of a childhood dream come true, visit Defy Gravity for the sheer fun of it, to relieve stress or just to do something different.

So there you have it – the top five places for a Day Date in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. Check back for the next Short List category and voting! And remember, YOU decide!