Back to school is a happy time for some and an unhappy time for others. Personally, I love it.
For some reason, having new school supplies feels really good. Then, walking in on the first day and meeting your teachers is just so much fun.
But for me, the most exciting thing this year is that it’s my first year of middle school. That means new buildings, routines, directions, and all that new stuff.
It also means more freedom, both a good and a scary thing. It means getting to school earlier, and leaving later. It pretty much means an overhaul of what school has been like for the past four years.
When you think about the school year, you can realize it’s kind of a cycle:

  1. New teachers, new classroom, new everything
  2. You get familiar with everyone and everything, and it becomes a community
  3. You leave at the time when you are completely settled
  4. Repeat

During each day, I don’t really notice the cycle though.  I’m too busy learning new ideas and skills that help me now and later in life.
Many kids will say they don’t enjoy school; yes, they would rather be home playing video games or playing in a pool, but, honestly, I think that –deep down– they enjoy it.
I’m really lucky that, at my school, everyone is so nice, the teachers are supportive, and overall, it’s a great experience.
Well, that time is fast approaching, and I hope your kids love it as much as I do.