Chuck Berry passed away at the age of 90 this past Saturday. He was one of the greatest guitarists, singers and songwriters of his time. Performing rhythm-and-blues and rock n’ roll music from the ’50-’70s, Berry has a new album, Chuck, scheduled to be released this year.

I sat down with WCHL morning host Ron Stutts to see what he had to say about this rock n’ roll legend.

“The thing about Chuck Berry is that he was an awesome, extremely creative songwriter, said Stutts. “Such a good story teller with a unique guitar style and, of course, the famous ‘duckwalk’ even though you can’t see that on his records.”

What are Ron’s top five Berry songs?  “The first four songs have had such a strong and lasting influence on rock n’ roll as we know it. He influenced everybody from Elvis to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and everybody since.”


  1. Maybelline
  2. Roll Over Beethoven
  3. Rock and Roll Music
  4. Johhny B Goode 
  5. No Particular Place to Go (“One of my favorites, he could play the guitar and he could tell a good story.”-Ron)

“I realize these five favorites might not be yours,” said Ron. “Ask me the question on another day and I might have five totally different answers. I had a hard time leaving Memphis, Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, and School Days off this list.”

What are your favorite Chuck Berry Songs?