Nebula and Gamora were born in an unexpected litter, and are the last two kittens left to be adopted into loving forever homes!

They’re black kittens with white socks and chest markings, only about three months old, and about two pounds each. It’s likely they won’t ever be large cats, as their mother was a fairly small feline, and both girls are up to date on all shots and vaccines. They’ve been de-wormed, have received regular monthly flea treatment and both are FIV and FeLV negative.

Nebula and Gamora have been living in a foster home with three adult cats, and getting along great with them. They’re young, so they love to play, and have encouraged the older cats to play with them while also learning all the manners and good habits needed to live indoors. They’re sweet, playful, exceptionally well-behaved, and their purrs can be heard loud and clear whenever you give them a little love! They’re inseparable sisters who love to cuddle and play together, so it’s strongly preferred that potential adopters take both kittens and keep the family intact.

For more information, contact Wren Safriet at (919) 616-7623, or at!