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Pat McCrory

NC Governor Race: Cooper’s Lead Growing, Durham County Appeal to State Board Set for Wednesday

Three weeks after Election Day, the race for Governor in North Carolina appears to solidifying for Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper. With more counties beginning to certify results, Cooper’s lead has only grown from early Wednesday morning following Election Day, when Cooper first declared victory. The outcome of the election has been in limbo as Republican incumbent Governor Pat McCrory has challenged votes in more than half of North Carolina’s 100 counties; the majority of those challenges have now been dismissed by Republican-led county Board of Elections. The state Board of Elections issued an order Monday night advising counties to...

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Contentious North Carolina Gubernatorial Race Headed for December Finish

Tuesday was an eventful day in the race for the Executive Mansion in the Tar Heel state, even though it marked two weeks since Election Day. Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper has declared victory in the gubernatorial race twice and is up by several thousand votes, but incumbent Republican Governor Pat McCrory has yet to concede and has challenged voting results in more than half of North Carolina’s 100 counties. While Cooper holds a lead, the margin has remained within 10,000 votes, which allows for McCrory to ask for a recount. The state Board of Elections met on Tuesday...

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No Clear Winner in Race for North Carolina Governor

The morning after Election Day, the North Carolina gubernatorial race is still too close to call. Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper is leading incumbent Republican Governor Pat McCrory by 5,001 votes with more than 4.5 million votes cast. Libertarian Lon Cecil received more than 100,000 votes, according to the State Board of Elections. Longtime attorney Gerry Cohen said the possibility of a recount is still very much in play in the governor’s race and other close Council of State races. Cohen said that the provisional ballots will now be tallied by the county Boards of Elections before certifying the...

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Cooper and Ross Lead Senate and Governor Races in North Carolina

Democratic candidates are leading the races for senate and governor in North Carolina, according to a new Quinnipiac survey. “The award for stomaching the most television ads this election season almost certainly goes to the folks in North Carolina. Unlike the other major presidential swing states this election cycle, the Tar Heel state also has a gubernatorial contest to go along with its presidential and U.S. Senate contests,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. The results, released on Thursday, show Democratic challenger Deborah Ross with a four-point lead over Republican incumbent Richard Burr, which...

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Cooper Up 7; Burr Up 5 in Latest North Carolina Poll

North Carolinians favor Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump, according to a poll by High Point University released on Monday. The numbers show Clinton with a 42/40 lead. But the survey was conducted before the firestorm that was created when a recording was released of Trump making what the Washington Post described as “extremely lewd” comments about women. The story, which the Post broke on Friday afternoon, contained audio recorded on a hot mic between Trump and Billy Bush, who was then with “Access Hollywood.” A national NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released on Monday was taken...

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Poll: North Carolina Governor and Senate Races ‘Too Close to Call’

The races for United States Senate and Governor in North Carolina are too close to call, according to a new round of survey numbers released Wednesday. The numbers from Quinnipiac University continue an almost daily release of numbers from North Carolina as the Tar Heel state has been drawing attention as it may determine the winner of the presidential race, which party controls the Senate and is home to the most heated gubernatorial race in the country. The Quinnipiac poll shows Republican incumbent Senator Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Deborah Ross tied at 46 percent. Just last month, Quinnipiac...

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Clinton and Cooper Leading North Carolina Races While Senate Race is Tied

An “unusually strong post-debate bump” is leading to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holding a nearly six-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to a new survey from Elon University. The new poll shows a big jump for Clinton from the last Elon survey released in late September that showed Trump with a one-point lead. The most impactful event on those numbers seem to be the first presidential debate. “We are seeing an unusually strong post-debate bump for Clinton in North Carolina,” said Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and the...

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Deborah Ross and Roy Cooper Leading Races for Senate and Governor in North Carolina Poll

Democrats Deborah Ross and Roy Cooper are leading their respective races for Senate and Governor over their Republican counterparts, according to a recent survey of likely North Carolina voters. A Bloomberg poll released Monday shows Ross is leading Republican incumbent Senator Richard Burr by a two-point margin at 46/44. The Senate race in the Tar Heel state has been seen as one of the best chances for Democrats to flip control of the United States Senate from GOP control. Ross and Burr have been in a tight battle with each leading in different surveys and most results being within...

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Post-Debate Poll: Clinton Leads Trump in North Carolina

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in North Carolina and several other key battleground states in the race for the presidency, according to a survey done by Public Policy Polling.  The survey was conducted after Monday night’s debate between the two candidates.  Public Policy Polling conducted the survey on behalf of VoteVets Action Fund. In North Carolina, 44 percent of voters chose Clinton, 42 percent selected Donald Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson received seven percent and seven percent remain undecided.  In a two way race between the Democratic candidate, Clinton, and the Republican candidate, Trump, Clinton’s lead grows to four points, 49-45....

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