The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Orange and neighboring counties in response to projected snowfall across central North Carolina.

The warning will remain in effect from Friday evening to Saturday evening, with three to five inches of snow accumulation possible in the Triangle area during that time.

Kirby Saunders, the emergency management coordinator for Orange County Emergency Services, has advised residents to be prepared for the effects of severe weather in a variety of ways.

“Have an emergency kit that should include at least a three-day supply of provisions,” stated Saunders, who went onto remind infirmed residents to include prescription medication in their kits.

Saunders noted that battery-operated flashlights and snow management items like shovels and rock salt are beneficial to have along with ample supplies of heating fuel.

“Only travel if it’s absolutely necessary,” stated Saunders. “If you do travel, […] ensure you have water, food, a blanket, a way to stay warm and a way to signal for help.”

Saunders reminded pet and livestock owners that animals “should be in a sheltered area” if they are not to be brought inside, with “plenty of non-frozen drinking water and extra food.”

“If you had pipes freeze in the past, they’re probably going to freeze again,” explained Saunders. He advised residents to insulate their pipes or “use the drip method” to avoid this problem.

The potential for sleet means that power lines may be downed in the area. According to Saunders, any downed lines may still be active and should not be approached or driven across.

Motorists were also reminded by Saunders of ice that may linger on roads in the wake of melting snow. This ice is often difficult to see, which is why he implored vehicle operators to drive slowly.

The heaviest precipitation may occur between midnight and noon on Saturday. A recent forecast from the National Weather Service puts the chance of snow at 70 percent.

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You can hear the full interview with Kirby Saunders and WCHL’s Blake Hodge below: