Funding options and other issues regarding curbside recycling in Orange County will be hashed out at Thursday night’s meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

It’s not a new topic, of course. It’s been a controversial one since late last year, when the Board began exploring the idea of creating a Solid Waste Tax Service District.

That led to a series of public meetings where citizens from rural areas lined up to speak out against the district plan, which would replace the old 3-R fee that was discontinued due to questions about the county’s legal right to collect the fee.

The Board backed away from the service-district idea at its April 15th meeting, along with the option of a rural curbside subscription service.

The Board is now looking at ways to partner with other jurisdictions to possibly create a county-wide recycling program.

A discussion about how to move forward with that will take place during Thursday’s meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Department of Social Services, located at 113 Mayo Street in Hillsborough.