Kristin Tucker

Favorite Fall Fashion

It’s official – autumn has arrived! What trends are you hoping make a comeback this fall? And what are you hoping stays in the closet of no return? Favorite tops for fall are all about embellishment. When the bling is built in—who needs accessories?! Embellishment appears even on casual tee shirt styles. Find them everywhere from your favorite boutique to your best-friend big box store like Target. More trends to try this fall? Here are some current style ideas. The choice is always yours. Give it a go or no! Give Faux Leather A Try Most experts agree that...

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The Fashion Plate: Spring Trend Report

Spring has officially sprung! It may not feel like it quite yet, but according to the calendar it’s here. That means buds blooming, birds chirping, grasses greening and daylight lengthening. That also means it’s time for a 2013 spring trend update on the fashion front. Welcome to the Block Party! Spring’s bold designs and high-contrast hues redefine the color-blocking trend. Take your look from basic to brilliant with a vibrantly patterned top or bright-tonal dress. Color Blocking – What exactly is color blocking? ”It’s strategically pairing contrasting bold colors which complement each other, and together, they create a unique look,” says Paula Shapiro, stylist with The StyleDuo. Color blocking works with clothes already in your closet. Create looks using separate, contrasting pieces, such as a navy pencil skirt and citron blouse. Mixing dynamic colors with nudes and neutrals creates an attention-grabbing balance. Of course if you are looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, creative color block outfits abound in the marketplace today. Color block dresses below are from Karen Kane’s collection at Belk.         And, the trend also works at work. Try a cardigan over a color blocked dress or a bright-colored blazer with gray pants for an office-appropriate look. You can also color block with accessories by pairing a contrasting handbag or color blocked pumps.              ...

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Dress To Impress

Dress to Impress Ready to land your dream job? That’s the modern professional’s ultimate quest. You research, study and prepare to knock your next employer’s socks off. But how do you decide what to wear? Clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. A whopping 65 percent of hiring managers admit it!  Inappropriate wardrobe choices, whether too casual or too revealing, can prevent you from landing your dream job. With so many options on the fashion scene, here are some top things you need to know when pulling together your interview attire. Make sure your look is up-to-date. Appropriate office fashion has changed and evolved over time.  Women now create their own version of a “power suit” with mixed fabrics, cardigans and stretch fabrics.  Wearing a decades-old suit can come off as being out-of-touch with current trends.   (   Research the field’s company culture to determine what to wear. What’s acceptable at fashion magazines certainly differs from the dress codes of major accounting firms. While traditional suits are most appropriate in conservative industries, nothing stops you from showing creativity in non-traditional fields with color. If you’ll be in a business-casual environment, then nice pants or a knit jacket with a woven skirt might be that industry’s version of a traditional suit.        (   Dress on the conservative side, but remember that conservative doesn’t...

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