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Kristin Tucker

Dress To Impress

Dress to Impress Ready to land your dream job? That’s the modern professional’s ultimate quest. You research, study and prepare to knock your next employer’s socks off. But how do you decide what to wear? Clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. A whopping 65 percent of hiring managers admit it!  Inappropriate wardrobe choices, whether too casual or too revealing, can prevent you from landing your dream job. With so many options on the fashion scene, here are some top things you need to know when pulling together your interview attire. Make sure your look is up-to-date. Appropriate office fashion has changed and evolved over time.  Women now create their own version of a “power suit” with mixed fabrics, cardigans and stretch fabrics.  Wearing a decades-old suit can come off as being out-of-touch with current trends.   (   Research the field’s company culture to determine what to wear. What’s acceptable at fashion magazines certainly differs from the dress codes of major accounting firms. While traditional suits are most appropriate in conservative industries, nothing stops you from showing creativity in non-traditional fields with color. If you’ll be in a business-casual environment, then nice pants or a knit jacket with a woven skirt might be that industry’s version of a traditional suit.        (   Dress on the conservative side, but remember that conservative doesn’t...

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Top 10 Chic Pieces To Wear Right Now

This may be Fashion Week in New York City, but that means Fall 2013 Collections are on the runways.  And local boutique retailers have recently returned from market but many with their spring and summer fashion finds.  Since it’s still mid-winter, let’s talk about what you’re wearing right Now!  Items you might have splurged on in 2012 have likely become favorites in your style rotation all fall and winter season.  Let’s review 10 chic pieces that are possibly in your current fashion line-up.   1. The Maxi Shirtdress – Tap into two hot trends, the maxi and the shirtdress. ( 2. The Animal Print Top – Embark on a style safari with a theme that thankfully continues to repeat itself. ( 3. The Sequin Top – This season both day time and late-night style calls for major sparkle. ( 4. The Open-Stitch Sweater – A pretty peek-a-boo knit for chilly days or nights. ( 5. The Crochet Dress – An airy knit for effortless allure. (   6. The Fringe Shoe – Fashion-savvy fringe adds urban cool in a retro way, especially in boots this. ( 7. The Long & Lean Cardi – Sleek and perfect for layering, this figure-skimming essential slips effortlessly over any look from denim to dresses. ( 8. The Peasant Blouse – Bold prints and a flirty, flowy shape make this top hippie chic. (

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Countdown to Super Bowl Kick Off!

Let me guess. You’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party on Sunday…maybe even more than one. If you’re a 49ers or Ravens fan, then you’re probably going for the game watching and will be glued to the flat screen (or staying home out of superstition). If you’re a big-time NFL fan, but your team is not in the Big Bowl, then you’re probably interested in the game with a secondary interest in the party extracurriculars. The rest of us fall in the final category. We’re there to watch the commercials and socialize. Eat, drink and be merry! If your party hosts have asked you to bring a favorite appetizer or dessert, then it’s time to get creative. Forgo the bag of chips and salsa that you planned to pick up on your way to the party, and surprise your hosts and friends with a little imagination and effort. Need some help? I’ve got ya covered! As you prep for football festivities on February 3, it helps to have a game plan. Since the Big Game is in the Big Easy this year, plenty of Cajun culinary creations should emerge. Here are some step-by-step easy recipe ideas for even the most challenged party-goers or throwers.   St. Andre Dip (aka Gourmet Cheese Fondue in a bread bowl) Buy your favorite oval or round loaf of bread. Harris Teeter bakery...

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A Few of My Fashionably Favorite Things

The holidays have wrapped, so it’s time to reflect on what stood out. Here is a very short list in pictures and words of a few of my favorite things from holiday sightings to current and future trends. Color… My favorite fashion mantra that I never get tired of sharing remains…Don’t be afraid of color! These two dresses (one a bold print maxi dress and the other a rich, royal purple and fuchsia) plus chunky colorful jewels spoke to me loud and clear from bevello’s window on East Franklin Street last month. Just walking into bevello’s colorfully merchandised boutique will brighten your day. I make it a “must see” every time I’m on the east end of Chapel Hill. And so should you!       More Color and a little sparkle… My parents rule as “Best Dressed” couple on New Year’s Eve. Not only are they two of my favorite things, but so is their colorful coordinated attire. Pat pops color and sparkle under her black velvet jacket and Gary dons a matching Murano colorful striped button down shirt. (A Christmas gift from stylists Mom and The Fashion Plate found at University Mall’s Dillard’s.)      Sparkle has been a fall and holiday favorite for me. Pat Lopp again pops both sparkle and color here. Sartorial dresser Gary Lopp pops color and stripes under his leather vest. All...

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Bling in the New Year…

The countdown begins! Whether it’s watching the acorn descend in downtown Raleigh or viewing the ball drop in Times Square from the comfort of your couch, the pressure is on to find a way to memorably send off 2012 and ring in 2013. Add to that pressure, finding the perfect outfit! And what’s in store for this year? Well, you’ve got about 72 hours to figure it out, and I have a hunch that you’re not alone. ( My motto for New Year’s Eve? Bring on the bling! This is the one night of the year where you can let yourself glow. Pull out the baubles and the sparkles and let it shine! You’ll feel better justifying the existence of all those buried treasures in your jewelry box. Feel the need for something new? Stores are filled with sequins and jewels and all things bling this holiday season. Check out the windows of boutiques around town for inspiration. Below is a trio of shimmer (all under $100) at East 54’s boutique Fabrik. Bevello on Franklin Street screams beautiful bling! Does a last minute party invitation have you scouting for outfit options? First, it’s time to look through the closet of New Year’s past. Check the fancy section of your wardrobe and see what sparks your interest. If this is a different crowd than last year’s party then you can...

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Men's Merry Must-Haves

To kick-off the holiday soiree season style card The Fashion Plate featured a short list of Merry-Must Haves featuring burgundy, sparkle and statement pieces. Ladies, got you covered! Guys, now it’s time to throw some suggestions your way. There’s still plenty of potential parties left to attend: your office’s holiday open house, the in-laws’ annual shindig and your best bud’s bash to break in the New Year. Finding time to fit every event into your schedule can certainly stress you out, but planning your party attire shouldn’t. There’s a fine line between looking festive and dressing dorky, and The...

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Merry Must-Haves

Holiday soiree season is here! No doubt your December calendar has started to fill up. Time to celebrate! And it’s possibly time to shop or re-invent something special from your existing wardrobe. In true holiday spirit, The Fashion Plate is here to share some of the hottest holiday trends.   Burgundy – Red will always be holiday’s chic and cheerful color, but burgundy is this year’s rich and bold alternative to red. Don a dress or blouse in brilliant burgundy or choose an accessory in the hue-like velvet pumps, evening bag or even nail polish.                                       Sparkle – Tis’ the season to shine! Pull it off with a short skirt in sequins, a be-jeweled clutch evening bag or a metallic heel. Substitute black heels with silver, gold or pewter this holiday season. A metallic strappy heel will combine edge and femininity. Glittery dresses are out in full force too. A shimmering tee is a holiday essential. Paired with denim, dressy pants or a flirty skirt, it transitions easily from day to night. Don’t forget to look online and check sale racks. Hopefully you took advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts!             Statement pieces – Let your style do the talking for you. Any time you want...

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Clothes Hound Launch Celebration

We welcomed a hip new store to the Chapel Hill fashion scene this fall. Clothes Hound boutique hosted a grand opening party Friday, September 14 from 6-9pm for its new location on Franklin Street. Fashionistas in the know were there!   ?   Like fabulous fashion blogger (and former Duchess of Digital Media) Molly Buckley Stillman of Hillsborough. She had to attend Chapel Hill’s Grand Opening after first hearing about the Raleigh store. As a perk for her passion as a fashion blogger she receives a percentage off Clothes Hound purchases if she styles the items on her blog. Bonus!   Fashion Blogger Molly Buckley Stillman   Clothes Hound rolled out the pink carpet for shoppers’ celebrity entrance complete with colorful Clothes Hound swag bags for the first lucky guests. Once you stepped foot in the door a master DJ had you moving to the beat while shopping the racks filled with stylish apparel and accessories.   Pink dominated the décor! A venture upstairs included stations with sweet treats and adult beverages tucked among the denim, outerwear, shoes and sale rack. Think cotton candy, pink frosted cupcakes, and pink chocolate pops!   Owner Bryce Batts created Clothes Hound as an online boutique three years ago. The first brick and mortar location opened in Raleigh in June of 2011. The seed for the Chapel Hill location was planted after...

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Fashion to Fall For

Time to step into fall fashionably armed with key pieces of the season.  Embrace a style escapade of rich textures, patterns and prints.  If you haven’t already embarked on your seasonal shopping adventure, let’s begin.  Here are a few trends to get you started and inspired! Style spotting The shoe sometimes makes the outfit.  Trust The Fashion Plate (and shoe aficionado) on that style statement.  Offset a simple silhouette with a pair in a wild print.     (Image Source: Nordstrom) Color crush trend alert: Burgundy Oxblood, bordeaux, wine…it doesn’t matter what you call it, it just matters that you rock it.  This rich, opulent shade is having a major fashion moment.  Pair with jewel tones or earthy shades and everything from houndstooth to leopard print.  On a budget or just don’t want to invest in new clothes?  Accessorize with burgundy boots, a pair of pumps or a purse.  Buy some polish, as burgundy nails look great for fall.  Or try a burgundy blush, lipstick or eye shadow.       (Image Source: All You Desire, The Style and Beauty Doctor) Time to Shine…A night-out necessity Sparkle is everywhere this season, whether you want a touch of shimmer or head-to-toe glow.  A little sparkle goes a long way!  Sequins are showing up on casual shirts to miniskirts that transition from day to night.  If you’re saving your sparkle just for...

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