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Meet Our Staff: Ron Stutts

July 17 has officially been proclaimed as “Ron Stutts Day” in Chapel Hill. What better day to introduce you to our morning host! Follow along every Monday to MOS (meet our staff) here at 979 The Hill. Ron Stutts is a local radio legend. He’s worked at WCHL since 1977 and started as a fill-in during the summer for staff who were on vacation and quickly became the Morning Host. Ron has lived in North Carolina his entire life, and loves how the people in the Triangle are from all over the world.  Listen to Ron every morning on...

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Flavor of the Week: American Meltdown

Coming soon to a street near you: grown-up grilled cheese on four wheels. American Meltdown, a Durham-based food truck, has made quite a name for itself since it got its start in 2012. The owners, Paul and Alycia Inserra, got the idea to start a food truck after they both lost their jobs. Although they knew they wanted to leave New York, they didn’t know where to go or what to serve. Realizing they were at an impasse, they gathered their friends and had tasting parties. Between noodles, gourmet hot dogs, and grilled cheeses, the sandwiches won every time. It...

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6 Free Tools to Create Visual Content for Social Media

Today Instagram released “Face Filters” as an addition to their Instagram Stories component of the app. This follows a string of updates the company has made to increase their user base and change how long-time users interact with the platform. Face filters are the latest addition to what some are calling Instagram’s move against Snapchat. Along with Face Filters, Instagram Stories now allow a video feature to play in reverse with “Rewind.” What makes Instagram Stories different than Snapchat’s interface is the hands-free option and the ability to create Boomerangs in the app.  Canva is a great (and free)...

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