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Remembering Victims of War “War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y’all War, huh, good God What is it good for Absolutely nothing Listen to me Ohhh, war, I despise Because it means destruction Of innocent lives War means tears To thousands of mothers eyes” With apologies to Edwin Starr’s #1 from the Vietnam war era. For 15 years the Orange County Peace Coalition has commemorated the world wide victims of War on Memorial Day.  Now on May 30 we are at it again. This year...

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Spending on What?

I enjoy the graduation ceremony for the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. As the graduates march in to Carmichael to the cheers of parents and friends, accompanied by the stately tones of a brass band, it provides an opportunity to reflect not only on the accomplishments of each stellar class, of the talented students who have taught me so much, but also that they are joining a mighty stream of public health professionals committed to advancing the health of populations here and afar. What better statement of the mission of UNC as a center of research, scholarship,...

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Vaccinations are Important for our Children

Vaccinations for children are often a source for questions, anxiety, and even controversy for a lot of parents that I see at our office. As a pediatrician, I’ve had many parents ask me a lot of questions.  Whether they are for or against vaccinations, they really just want to know about the safety of vaccinations, why they should vaccinate their children, and what are some of the consequences. So, when parents visit me, I go through several things with them.  Vaccines are really important.  We have now 14 to 16 communicable diseases that we vaccinated routinely against in childhood and adolescence.  They...

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Save the Belhaven Hospital

Sometimes we just don’t know how fortunate we really are.  If we get sick or have an accident we just go to the nearest emergency room and they pull us back from the brink of death. But, other North Carolinians aren’t that lucky.  I’ve just returned from the town of Belhaven on our state’s coast.  What’s happening there makes me sick. Belhaven’s hospital was built in the 1940’s with money raised by town-folk to serve everyone regardless of income.  In 2011, it was bought out by Vidant Health.  Two years later Vidant announced that it was closing the...

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