The Music in My Head: 1/8/18 – 1/12/18

1/8/18: Brick “Dazz” Now, I’ve never been a big disco fan, but every once in a while I’ll run across a song that catches my attention. One of those is a delightful combination of disco and jazz that I woke up with pounding away in my brain this morning! Read more     1/9/18: The Tubes “She’s A Beauty”  The Tubes were a rock band out of San Francisco, and they were a big-time group back in the early days of MTV. Fitting, that it was the Tubes that were big on the tube. I woke up with one of their...

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Adopt-A-Pet: Cocoa Bean

Coco Bean is an energetic, affectionate girl with a lovely gold-flecked dark chocolate coat. When Coco Bean plays, she is all in: she loves to chase and pounce on toys and enjoys romping with her kitten friends, too. Coco Bean also thrives on attention and will happily purr when held an petted. Coco Bean would like to find a home with another playful kitten close to her age so she will always have a buddy to help her burn up all that boundless kitten energy, so come meet this sweet girl soon! To learn more about adopting Cocoa Bean,...

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Adopt-A-Pet: Spot

Spot is Blanca’s baby, an adorable kitten born on April 5, 2017, who is all white except for his tail and one spot on his lower back. Depending on the curve of his tail, it can be a semi-colon, a question mark, or an exclamation point! Like young cats, Spot is full of energy and loves to play. He would love to go to a home with another young kitty so he’ll always have a friend to play and cuddle with – perhaps his mama Blanca, who is not much older than a kitten herself! To learn more and...

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