The Music in My Head – 7/17/17

7/17/17: ZZ Top “La Grange” The iconic riff from ZZ Top’s “La Grange” can be heard in plenty of movies and TV shows, in WWE entrances and advertisements for Wrangler jeans. It’s one of the best-known songs the tres hombres from Texas ever made, and its subject is just as racy as you’d expect after listening to pretty much any of ZZ Top’s albums: a brothel. The “Chicken Ranch” was an illegal, but tolerated, brothel just outside of La Grange that operated in the same place for over six decades, from 1905 until 1973. “Miss Jessie” Williams bought 10...

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Hometown Hero: Greg Bell

This week’s hometown hero is Greg Bell, Festival Director for the Eno River Association.  Greg has been a fundamental part of the annual “Festival for the Eno,” which celebrated its 38th anniversary this past weekend. The Festival for the Eno is presented by the Eno River Association, North Carolina’s oldest land trust.  The association recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and still holds true to the goals of preventing impoundment of the Eno River and to get people out to the water.  They focus on preservation of over 7,000 acres. The Festival for the Eno features food, games, dancing, live...

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