NITRObrew On Draft at Open Eye Cafe!

It looks a little bit like a pink of Guinness. A glass of rich dark brown liquid poured on draft and topped with a creamy head of foam. But it’s not beer, and the swirling “cascade” effect marks it as something else entirely. It’s cold nitogenated coffee, fresh from a keg – and it’s right here in Carrboro. Carrboro Coffee Roasters recently installed a keg and taps at the Open Eye Café that serves both its standard cold-brew coffee and the new NITRObrew variant. The NITRObrew is cold-brewed, infused with nitrogen and stored in a pressurized keg, just like...

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Kid Who Couldn’t Dunk Was Still An All-American

Phil Ford, arguably the greatest point guard to ever play in the ACC, faced a daunting challenge as a young boy growing up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He was too small – to jump up and touch the rim or dunk like the bigger players he idolized. So Phil decided he would learn to do other things better than every other player, no matter their size. And he did, mastering the arts of dribbling, passing and shooting and one signature move that no other high school player could duplicate – the driving, 360-degree spin. A new children’s book...

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